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What a lovely guy Ross Munro was. Appar­ently he con­tracted asbesto­sis or what­ever they call that ill­ness from liv­ing in Wit­tenoom as a child.
Really was a very encour­ag­ing teacher and had a gen­tle and calm­ing demeanour. An Angel to be sorely missed.

Geoff Mil­ner 1978 Year 12


#1 Shel­ley Rucks 2012-​04-​30 14:03
I remem­ber Ross Munro as one of the best teach­ers I ever had. He always cared and actu­ally talked to you. He had an excel­lent sense of humour and was always kind. His classes were so inter­est­ing and moti­vat­ing. He really was a great guy and I am so sad to hear of his pass­ing.

Shel­ley Scott (nee Rucks) Year 10 in 1977