Kelvin Hendry was a manual arts teacher at Scarborough High  passed away Thursday 12 Aug 2004. He had been suffering with cancer for quite some time.


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 Hi guys,

I've got Mr. Hendry's printed profile in front of me that was handed out at the thanksgiving service the other day (beautiful service, by the way).

Here's a quote:
"For the last 25 years of his teaching career, Kelvin taught at Scarborough Senior High School.  He was known by fellow staff as 'Mr. Fix It', obligingly repairing anything brought to him!

Then it says that he took early retirement at 58 years of age and Mr. Hendry lived for another 12 years, dying (of cancer) at age 70.

So, working the maths out: Mr Hendry would have been at Scarborough around the years 1967 to 1992... That's what I'm guessing.  Long time, huh?


Max Randall


#2 Ellen McSwain 2011-06-13 12:52
Mr Hendry really was the best. I too learnt SO MUCH from him, especially how to make your own leather sandals (very cool for the 70's)and plait a leather belt. Thanks for everything Ellen xx
#1 Jenny Wyllie 2011-06-12 21:19
I loved Mr Hendry really into manual arts in year 8 because of him xox Jen