Kelvin Hendry was a man­ual arts teacher at Scar­bor­ough High passed away Thurs­day 12 Aug 2004. He had been suf­fer­ing with can­cer for quite some time.

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Hi guys,

I’ve got Mr. Hendry’s printed pro­file in front of me that was handed out at the thanks­giv­ing ser­vice the other day (beau­ti­ful ser­vice, by the way).

Here’s a quote:
“For the last 25 years of his teach­ing career, Kelvin taught at Scar­bor­ough Senior High School. He was known by fel­low staff as ‘Mr. Fix It’, oblig­ingly repair­ing any­thing brought to him!

Then it says that he took early retire­ment at 58 years of age and Mr. Hendry lived for another 12 years, dying (of can­cer) at age 70.

So, work­ing the maths out: Mr Hendry would have been at Scar­bor­ough around the years 1967 to 1992… That’s what I’m guess­ing. Long time, huh?


Max Ran­dall


#2 Ellen McSwain 2011-​06-​13 12:52
Mr Hendry really was the best. I too learnt SO MUCH from him, espe­cially how to make your own leather san­dals (very cool for the 70’s)and plait a leather belt. Thanks for every­thing Ellen xx
#1 Jenny Wyl­lie 2011-​06-​12 21:19
I loved Mr Hendry really into man­ual arts in year 8 because of him xox Jen