Wes­ley Mil­lett was a stu­dent at Scar­bor­ough Senior High School from Year 8 (1980) to Year 10 (1982). After leav­ing high school and work­ing as an appren­tice elec­tri­cian, he was elec­tro­cuted while wiring unsu­per­vised in the roof space of a hotel. His unfor­tu­nate death brought about many changes in how appren­tices are taught on the job.

Wes­ley is fondly remem­bered as an easy­go­ing friend with a cheeky grin and lar­rikin spirit who loved his rock music.

–sub­mit­ted by Jon Kennon
Mark Mul­hall (would have grad­u­ated in 93, but left before­hand), died after being hit by a car on his motor­cy­cle. Not sure of the year, but after May 97.
Leonard Wong grad­u­ated from SSHS in 1984. He died on the 26th Novem­ber 1991 as a result of injuries sus­tained from being assaulted.

Infor­ma­tion sup­plied by Jon Kennon

Chanoa Howard (Attended SSHS 8689) died in a car crash in April 1993, leav­ing a son, Zeke, then aged 3.

Infor­ma­tion sup­plied by Faye Marshall.

Steven McMas­ter died 26/​05/​2002 at the age of 37 at his home in Safety bay
- sub­mit­ted by Iris McMaster

My sis­ter Ros­alie Marie HANNA (nee BAR­RETT) attended SSHS from 1967 to 1969. Rose was killed in a car acci­dent on the 30th Jan­u­ary 2007. Rose left behind 3 adult chil­dren and 14 grandchildren.

We miss her dearly
Patri­cia Schraven (nee Bar­rett)

Alan Peters was in Year 8 in 1978. He was killed in a motor vehi­cle acci­dent on Caves Road in Mar­garet River in the 90’s

Ann-​Marie Sor­vali passed away 2 Decem­ber 1993 of an acci­den­tal med­ica­tion over­dose in Broome, she was 22 years old. Ann-​Marie attended SSHS between 1986 and 1987.

- Lau­ren Don­ner (nee Bradley).

Gui­tar play­ing stu­dent at SSHS 19781982 died mid 80’s
Rebecca Wells grad­u­ated in 1989.
She lost her life due to can­cer in 1994.
Attended SSHS in the 80’s died in 2003.

Bruce Kil­lick grad­u­ated year 12 in 1985.
Unsure of the year, but Bruce passed on after tak­ing his own life.
Peter William Egli­nas left sshs in ’73 died Port Lin­coln. South Aus­tralia, aged 44 in 2002 leav­ing a wife son and a daugh­ter. He had a few sib­lings at sshs. Barry, Chris­tine, Susan(I think), Linda and Ali­son. Also attended Nth Innaloo pub­lic school.

- sub­mit­ted by Doug Brendish

Cas­san­dra ‘Cassie’ George passed away April 2004

Class of 95

Jamie Barker (Class of ’92) died in an acci­dent involv­ing a train.

Infor­ma­tion sup­plied by Linda Buttner.
Attended SSHS 19781982 died in the 90’s.

Justin Cameron died in 2002 due to a motor bike acci­dent in Lancelin.

Infor­ma­tion sup­plied by Kim de Denne

Class of 93

Passed away from viral menin­gi­tis in 1994

Mar­cus Ogle (was school cap­tain) was dri­ving home (Sept 14th) in a freak storm when a 4WD was blown into his car. He was badly injured, but being a Jehova Wit­ness, he refused to take blood and he died on Sep 21st 2002. (this being the day that he and his new wife were to move into the house they had built.

- Sub­mit­ted by Jack Clarke

Born: 19.2.70
Died: 16.1.04

Devin died after a sin­gle vehi­cle motor­cy­cle acci­dent.

Stu­dent at SSHS 1983 to 1987.
He was the skinny kid who grew into a hulk of a man. Always with a smile and a joke. Rumored to be able to get a whole class laugh­ing.

by Erin Kingston