Jim attended SSHS from 1978 to 1981. He was a corporal in the school cadet unit and excelled in art and media.
He also had 2 younger sisters, Helen and Vicki at Scarborough. Jim passed away 2 days prior to his 34th birthday on December 12 1998. He was divorced and survived by his 2 children.

Information supplied by his cousin Mick (Effie) Calatzis


#2 Mick Calatzis 2009-09-29 12:35
My apologies..I'd like to add that Jim also spoke fondly of Bill (maate!) Advic, Duncan Andrews, Youngy, Gayle Cato and Leanne...he relished those days and I often thought that those days go him through the darkest moments in his life...
#1 Mick Calatzis 2009-08-21 11:40
Perhaps something that many of you may not know is that despite Jim's tough guy appearance he was indeed a very gentle and sweet soul. Jim had his own demons, however his generous spirit and for love for life never wained. I was in Perth recently and also Jim's son Spiro who is 21 he is the spitting image of the late Jim. He ironically works at Peter's by Sea at Scarborough, so if you can get a chance drop by and say hi to him.

Jim's mum still lives nearby in Miles Street and there is a picture of Jim and I and perhaps it might be Gayle Cato just before the Year 12 social. That picture has pride and place for her. Jim is sadly no longer with us and he spoke fondly of his times at SSHS as they were happy times for him that he clung to into his adult life.

Vale Jim Parissis

"..They know we smoke at these steps maaate!..who cares.." The late Jim circa 1980 - 1981