Attended SSHS in the late 60s

terry and i were very good mates, looked out for each other,knocked around with each other, fun­ni­est mem­ory was try­ing to sober him up after a very drunk night at Scar­bor­ough beach, we stripped him naked and cov­ered him in sand till he sobered up, many great memories,getting drunk, get­ting into trou­ble, par­ty­ing all night, we had a ball,was very sad to hear of his pass­ing, saw him not long before he died of an ill­ness,.
terry said to me last time i saw him, ‘all i want is a beer in my hand and to sit and watch the sun go down at the beach” he died a few weeks later.
i am sure he is sit­ting on the beach still.…..
happy mem­o­ries of good mate.
Phil Mil­ner