Wes­ley Mil­lett was a stu­dent at Scar­bor­ough Senior High School from Year 8 (1980) to Year 10 (1982). After leav­ing high school and work­ing as an appren­tice elec­tri­cian, he was elec­tro­cuted while wiring unsu­per­vised in the roof space of a hotel. His unfor­tu­nate death brought about many changes in how appren­tices are taught on the job.

Wes­ley is fondly remem­bered as an easy­go­ing friend with a cheeky grin and lar­rikin spirit who loved his rock music.

–sub­mit­ted by Jon Kennon


#1 Julie Hog­ben 2009-​07-​04 10:30
I was in a lot of Wesley’s classes he was a great fun guy and I was very sad when I heard of his death all of those years ago now, I think of him quite often, as my 19 year old son has been think­ing of becom­ing an elec­tri­cian. Wes was really well liked and it is great to see he has been remem­bered.

Julie Hog­ben (Nee Ellis) 19801983