Wesley Millett was a student at Scarborough Senior High School from Year 8 (1980) to Year 10 (1982). After leaving high school and working as an apprentice electrician, he was electrocuted while wiring unsupervised in the roof space of a hotel. His unfortunate death brought about many changes in how apprentices are taught on the job.

Wesley is fondly remembered as an easygoing friend with a cheeky grin and larrikin spirit who loved his rock music.

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#1 Julie Hogben 2009-07-04 10:30
I was in a lot of Wesley's classes he was a great fun guy and I was very sad when I heard of his death all of those years ago now, I think of him quite often, as my 19 year old son has been thinking of becoming an electrician. Wes was really well liked and it is great to see he has been remembered.

Julie Hogben (Nee Ellis) 1980-1983