Chanoa Howard (Attended SSHS 86-89) died in a car crash in April 1993, leaving a son, Zeke, then aged 3.

Information supplied by Faye Marshall.


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Chanoa was the very first person to be friendly to me when I joined SSHS after migrating from NZ. She was fun, forward and honest, admirable traits, and I'm sure she would have been a great Mum.I'm sorry to hear of her passing.

Hi - my name is Veronica and I was Chanoa Howard's best friend for about 10 years.

I came across your posting the other day while surfing the net, and I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to hear someone remember Chanoa, and to remember her for the wonderful person that she was.

Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of her death, and sometimes her father and I feel that we are the only ones who remember her.  My life will always have that gap where she should be, as well as her son Zeke, who I haven't seen since a few months after her death as he resides with his father.

I remember her very well she was best friends with my daughter Tracey Haneveld who also attended Scabs,i was shocked and very saddened when she passed,the last time i saw Zeke he was at my house about 3 months before playing in the splash pool with Tracey and her Brothers Shane and Brad who loved that little boy as much as the rest of us,so sad that he will not know the people that loved his mum