Errol Binder left SSHS in 1978.
He was tragically murdered in 2000.


This information is taken from the West Australian February 19 2000 it is a full page article and this is just a small section about Errol.

Errol Binder died in February 8 2000. he was 36. Father of two.
Soldier for 6 years in the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.
Campainer on Aboriginal issues, radio broadcaster and producer for the WA Aboriginal Media Association. He also gave uni lectures on indigenous culture in Rome. He interviewed and was blessed by the Dalai Lama.

Forever remembered


Errol was in year 8 in my first year of teaching in 1977 at SSHS. I am also an ex-SSHS student myself. He always had a ready smile and I wondered if it was the same Errol when I read his name in the West. RIP Errol.

 - Wendy Silverlock


#2 Craig Adams 2011-07-30 21:43
I played football with Errol during years 8,9,10 down at Scarborough football club which met at Abbott Park. He was a great footballer and an absolute gentleman. He had a mean right hook from his left boot when kicking and with great accuracy but opposition teams spotted this and would run to block him turning right.
At school he was a regular student but approachable by one and all even though he was up with the other elite sports stars of the school.

I was saddened to read of his loss as it is a loss for all.

Craig Adams
#1 Ken Bridges 2010-11-20 15:13
Errol was one of my best mates .Was a gifted cricketer and footballer .Most of all Errol was a great bloke .The world is poorer now he is not here.Thanks for being my friend Errol
Ken Bridges