Alan Peters was in Year 8 in 1978. He was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Caves Road in Margaret River in the 90's

Aged Years 40
Date of Death 17/12/2021
Suburb Ellenbrook

Went to SSHS in the 90s. Passed away suddenly on 17 December 2021.

Guitar playing student at SSHS 1978-1982 died mid 80's

Ann-Marie Sorvali passed away 2 December 1993 of an accidental medication overdose in Broome, she was 22 years old. Ann-Marie attended SSHS between 1986 and 1987.

- Lauren Donner (nee Bradley).

Attended SSHS in the 80's  died in 2003.

Bruce Killick graduated year 12 in 1985.
Unsure of the year, but Bruce passed on after taking his own life.

Aged Years 60
Date of Death 09/10/2011

Class of 1967,
Passed away after a long battle with cancer.


Cassandra 'Cassie' George passed away April 2004

Class of 95

Chanoa Howard (Attended SSHS 86-89) died in a car crash in April 1993, leaving a son, Zeke, then aged 3.

Information supplied by Faye Marshall.


Aged Years 60
Date of Death 16/03/2009
Suburb TRIGG

Jeff Considine (1961-65) died of cancer. He was such a renowned architect his obituary took up two pages in the Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapters March 2009 journal.

 His family put together a photo-bio his life on YouTube

Attended SSHS in the late 60s

Craig was a wild and crazy guy, but he was a good mate to me, protected me from getting beat up a few times, was always the leader of our motley gang, peter chaney, terry howes, shane jones and myself, got drunk,chased woman stayed out late but had a ball,craig tended to over do things, drank too much sometimes but was gutsy, looked after his mates, lots of happy memories Craig, his favorite song was "one kind favour ' by 'canned heat", every time i play that song i think of him. hope he is resting peacefully but somehow i think he is raising hell somewhere? ha ha
the wild mans gone but not forgotten!
phil milner 

Born: 19.2.70
Died: 16.1.04

Devin died after a single vehicle motorcycle accident.

Student at SSHS 1983 to 1987.
He was the skinny kid who grew into a hulk of a man. Always with a smile and a joke. Rumored to be able to get a whole class laughing.

 by Erin Kingston

Errol Binder left SSHS in 1978.
He was tragically murdered in 2000.


Aged Years 38
Date of Death 06/03/2007

Cathy was well liked and while I didn't have a great deal of contact with her at school she always struck me as hard working, determined person who was always willing to help others. This I think is reflected in the fact that she school captain in 1985. She leaves behind three children,


Geoffrey Alexander Bennett (SSHS 1959-61) died after a battle with cancer in January 1999.

Information supplied by Vickie Bennett
Jamie Barker (Class of '92) died in an accident involving a train.

Information supplied by Linda Buttner.
Jim attended SSHS from 1978 to 1981. He was a corporal in the school cadet unit and excelled in art and media.
He also had 2 younger sisters, Helen and Vicki at Scarborough. Jim passed away 2 days prior to his 34th birthday on December 12 1998. He was divorced and survived by his 2 children.

Information supplied by his cousin Mick (Effie) Calatzis
Attended SSHS 1978-1982 died in the 90's.

Justin Cameron died in 2002 due to a motor bike accident in Lancelin.

Information supplied by Kim de Denne



Jane Kennaugh (Year 10 1979) was a policewoman and was killed in a traffic crash while on duty at the Madora Beach Road-Fremantle Road intersection in 1996.



Leonard Wong graduated from SSHS in 1984. He died on the 26th November 1991 as a result of injuries sustained from being assaulted.

Information supplied by Jon Kennon

Kylie Lester was killed in a car accident in 1997

Marcus Ogle (was school captain) was driving home (Sept 14th) in a freak storm when a 4WD was blown into his car. He was badly injured, but being a Jehova Witness, he refused to take blood and he died on Sep 21st 2002. (this being the day that he and his new wife were to move into the house they had built.

- Submitted by Jack Clarke
Passed away in 1986
Mark Mulhall (would have graduated in 93, but left beforehand), died after being hit by a car on his motorcycle. Not sure of the year, but after May 97.

Aged Years 35
Date of Death 15/08/1999

Mark McPhee (I believe at SSHS from 1977-81) died in a motor vehicle accident just before the final open day of SSHS in 1999.

Lived at 186 Alice street Doubleview as was my next door neighbor. He went to SSHS in the mid 80's and passed away in June 2006. I knew him all my life and I will miss his cheeky grin. Love you Nicky
 - Aunty Carol

Cause of death was related to Heart problems.

Class of 93

Passed away from viral meningitis in 1994

Attended SSHS in the late 60s

Peter Chaney and i were good mates , we knocked around together with terry howes(deceased), craig brown (deceased), used to go out get drunk,make fools of ourselves, chase girls, we drifted apart after a few years but i remember those years fondly, had some great times. i hope they are resting in peace, thanks for the memories guys.
Phil Milner

Peter Hutton (class of 1988) was killed in car crash in South West Australia in September 2002


Peter William Eglinas left sshs in '73 died Port Lincoln. South Australia, aged 44 in 2002 leaving a wife son and a daughter. He had a few siblings at sshs. Barry, Christine, Susan(I think), Linda and Alison. Also attended Nth Innaloo public school.

- submitted by Doug Brendish
Rebecca passed away in 2002.  Class of 93
Rebecca Wells graduated in 1989.
She lost her life due to cancer in 1994.

Aged Years 33
Date of Death 25/09/1997

Student at Scarborough High (1977-1981). Worked for the Department of Land Administration (DOLA). Died by suicide.


Rodney was at SSHS between 1968-70. He passed away in 1999 after a short battle with cancer. He was the half brother of Geoffrey Bennett who died in the same year.

Information supplied by Vicki Thompson




Rosalie was killed in a car accident on the 30th January 2007 (aged 53)and left behind three children and 14 grandchildren.

"My sister Rosalie Barrett attended Scarborough Senior High School from 1967 to 1969.  School was not really her thing but she had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends." -  Patricia Barrett

My sister Rosalie Marie HANNA (nee BARRETT) attended SSHS from 1967 to 1969. Rose was killed in a car accident on the 30th January 2007. Rose left behind 3 adult children and 14 grandchildren.

We miss her dearly
Patricia Schraven (nee Barrett)

Aged Years 54
Date of Death 31/12/2009

Peter (Brandenburg) Rucks (born 1955) passed away after a brave battle with pancreatic cancer. He was a fun loving, crazy guy who was all about family. His incredible sense of humour will be his legacy. Pete was an talented artist and sculptor and was a much respected TAFE Arts lecturer. He left behind his partner, Maggie and two children, Jessie-Claire and Hugo. Pete had two other brothers who attended Scarborough, Cyril (Branson) Brandenburg and Robert Brandenburg. His youngest brother Jay Branson did not attend Scarborough SHS.

Shane Gibson would have been in the Class of '91, had he not died in a car accident.

Information supplied by Sean O'Neill
Steven McMaster died 26/05/2002 at the age of 37 at his home in Safety bay
- submitted by Iris McMaster

Mark had passed away in 2003. He was a pretty popular guy at school and big into his Surf Life Saving down at the Trigg Island Club. He rowed in a team that won a lot of events in the surf boats. Mark also spent 20 years in the army.

Damian Sweeney (SSHS 1977-81) died whilst on holiday in the US after sitting his final nursing exams. approx 1985

Attended SSHS in the late 60s

terry and i were very good mates, looked out for each other,knocked around with each other, funniest memory was trying to sober him up after a very drunk night at Scarborough beach, we stripped him naked and covered him in sand till he sobered up, many great memories,getting drunk, getting into trouble, partying all night, we had a ball,was very sad to hear of his passing, saw him not long before he died of an illness,.
terry said to me last time i saw him, 'all i want is a beer in my hand and to sit and watch the sun go down at the beach" he died a few weeks later.
i am sure he is sitting on the beach still......
happy memories of good mate.
Phil Milner

Tim Prime (SSHS 1986-90) died in 2001 at age 28 with cardiomyopathy whilst waiting for a heart transplant.

Information supplied by his sister Ruth Slater
Wesley Millett was a student at Scarborough Senior High School from Year 8 (1980) to Year 10 (1982). After leaving high school and working as an apprentice electrician, he was electrocuted while wiring unsupervised in the roof space of a hotel. His unfortunate death brought about many changes in how apprentices are taught on the job.

Wesley is fondly remembered as an easygoing friend with a cheeky grin and larrikin spirit who loved his rock music.

-submitted by Jon Kennon

Aged Years 24
Date of Death 21/12/1991

Scott Williams (SSHS 1980-83) died in a car accident just before Xmas 1991.

Information supplied by Debi Jackson