Scar­bor­ough has pro­duced thou­sands of com­mu­nity mem­bers who have gone on into careers where they have all con­tributed to the broader soci­ety. Many have made huge con­tri­bu­tions which have not come to the notice of the rest of us, oth­ers have. Among those to be noted by pub­lic acclaim or oth­er­wise are:

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Mrs Kely­nak
Staff or Student:
Field of excellence:
She was an amaz­ing teacher in busi­ness that included short­hand, audio typ­ing, book­keep­ing, com­mer­cial Busi­ness.
I was in 4C2. I left class one day caught the bus into Perth and walked into the Bank of NSW and asked for a job and the telegram arrived to our home.

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