Scar­bor­ough has pro­duced thou­sands of com­mu­nity mem­bers who have gone on into careers where they have all con­tributed to the broader soci­ety. Many have made huge con­tri­bu­tions which have not come to the notice of the rest of us, oth­ers have. Among those to be noted by pub­lic acclaim or oth­er­wise are:







NameStaff or StudentField of excellenceAchievement
Glenn Christie StudentCommunity Service(student 1979 -1983) Awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) Australia Day Honours 2019
Carmie Olowoyo StudentSportNational Basketball League (Perth Wildcats, West Sydney Razorbacks) 2001-2005
John Sutton StudentPoliticsCouncilman, Newcastle, New South Wales
Gail Giles StudentPoliticsMayor of Willoughby City Council
Colin castensen StudentSportSwimming
Mrs Kelynak StaffBusinessShe was an amazing teacher in business that included shorthand, audio typing, bookkeeping, commercial Business.
I was in 4C2. I left class one day caught the bus into Perth and walked into the Bank of NSW and asked for a job and the telegram arrived to our home.
Gwen Doran StaffMy mother Gwen DORAN was an Environmental technician at the school. A very important job to keep the science Labs in order.Amazing lady.
Gary Seminy StudentSportTop ten in World 11mtr Yacht­ing Cham­pi­onships in Nor­way, Vice Com­modore of Fre­man­tle Sail­ing Club
Kelly Head­land StudentSportTeam mem­ber of for­mer Perth Oriels Net­ball Team 2000 & Queens­land Fire­birds Squad Mem­ber 2001 — 2003.
Clin­ton Brown. StudentSportstu­dent 1975 – 1979) Subi­aco foot­baller, over 200 games.
Gary Brown-​Neaves StudentBusiness(stu­dent 1959 – 1960) National awards for Build­ing Indus­try 1998, 1999, Webb and Brown-​Neaves build­ing com­pany.
Kevin Chesson StudentCommunity Service(stu­dent 1960 – 1964) wrote numer­ous math­e­mat­ics texts for Austed Pub­lish­ing and the Aus­tralian Acad­emy of Sci­ence, one of the Banks and Ches­son team.
Paul Coddington StudentScience(stu­dent, dux 1978) NASA sci­en­tist.
Ian Cunningham StudentSport(stu­dent 1962 – 1966) Subi­aco foot­baller, crick­eter.
War­ren Dean StudentSport(stu­dent 1977 – 1979) AFL foot­baller — one of the orig­i­nal six Eagles drafted from the VFL, pre­vi­ously played for Subi­aco then Mel­bourne.
John Dimmer StudentSport(stu­dent 1967 – 1971) East Perth foot­baller, West Perth coach.
Doug Dixon StudentSport(stu­dent 1963 – 1967) Subi­aco and South Fre­man­tle foot­baller
Adam Hay StudentSportAFL foot­ball, North Mel­bourne — draft 1996
Des Headland StudentSportAFL foot­ball, Num­ber One in draft in 1999
The HEITZ fam­ily StudentCommunity Service(5 stu­dents) five doc­tors.

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