Scar­bor­ough has pro­duced thou­sands of com­mu­nity mem­bers who have gone on into careers where they have all con­tributed to the broader soci­ety. Many have made huge con­tri­bu­tions which have not come to the notice of the rest of us, oth­ers have. Among those to be noted by pub­lic acclaim or oth­er­wise are:

NameStaff or StudentField of excellenceAchieve­ment
Colin cas­tensen Stu­dentSportSwim­ming
Mrs Kely­nak StaffBusi­nessShe was an amaz­ing teacher in busi­ness that included short­hand, audio typ­ing, book­keep­ing, com­mer­cial Busi­ness.
I was in 4C2. I left class one day caught the bus into Perth and walked into the Bank of NSW and asked for a job and the telegram arrived to our home.
Gwen Doran StaffMy mother Gwen DORAN was an Envi­ron­men­tal tech­ni­cian at the school. A very impor­tant job to keep the sci­ence Labs in order.Amaz­ing lady.
Gary Seminy Stu­dentSportTop ten in World 11mtr Yacht­ing Cham­pi­onships in Nor­way, Vice Com­modore of Fre­man­tle Sail­ing Club
Kelly Head­land Stu­dentSportTeam mem­ber of for­mer Perth Oriels Net­ball Team 2000 & Queens­land Fire­birds Squad Mem­ber 20012003.
Clin­ton Brown. Stu­dentSportstu­dent 19751979) Subi­aco foot­baller, over 200 games.
Gary Brown-​Neaves Stu­dentBusi­ness(stu­dent 19591960) National awards for Build­ing Indus­try 1998, 1999, Webb and Brown-​Neaves build­ing company.
Kevin Ches­son Stu­dentCom­mu­nity Service(stu­dent 19601964) wrote numer­ous math­e­mat­ics texts for Austed Pub­lish­ing and the Aus­tralian Acad­emy of Sci­ence, one of the Banks and Ches­son team.
Paul Cod­ding­ton Stu­dentSci­ence(stu­dent, dux 1978) NASA scientist.
Ian Cun­ning­ham Stu­dentSport(stu­dent 19621966) Subi­aco foot­baller, cricketer.
War­ren Dean Stu­dentSport(stu­dent 19771979) AFL foot­baller — one of the orig­i­nal six Eagles drafted from the VFL, pre­vi­ously played for Subi­aco then Melbourne.
John Dim­mer Stu­dentSport(stu­dent 19671971) East Perth foot­baller, West Perth coach.
Doug Dixon Stu­dentSport(stu­dent 19631967) Subi­aco and South Fre­man­tle footballer
Adam Hay Stu­dentSportAFL foot­ball, North Mel­bourne — draft 1996
Des Head­land Stu­dentSportAFL foot­ball, Num­ber One in draft in 1999
The HEITZ fam­ily Stu­dentCom­mu­nity Service(5 stu­dents) five doctors.
Tom Hogan Stu­dentSport(stu­dent 19721973) Aus­tralian crick­eter.
David Hole Stu­dentThe Arts(stu­dent 1964) musi­cian, Dave HOLE blues band.
John Kobelke StaffPol­i­ticsMem­ber for Nol­la­mara, WA Par­lia­ment.
Frank Lefaucher Stu­dentCom­mu­nity Service(school cap­tain 1963, 1964) a keen par­tic­i­pant in all aspects of stu­dent life, noted for his iri­des­cent green and pink socks.

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