Gui­tar play­ing stu­dent at SSHS 19781982 died mid 80’s


#1 Craig Adams 2010-​12-​27 06:42
I knew Andrew more after I left school but I did start our friend­ship whilst at school. He was a bit of a lost soul search­ing for his place in life. After school he spent some time on a mine­site out near Kal­go­or­lie work­ing as a gen­eral labourer to gather enough money for trav­el­ling.

I remem­ber he bought an old holden sta­tion wagon and set off north even­tu­ally arriv­ing in Dar­win. Along the way he met with a girl from N.Z. I think and they trav­elled together over­seas.

They ended up in Thai­land from mem­ory where Andrew died in unknown cir­cum­stances. His body was found in the street from a sus­pected vehi­cle impact.

He was sadly missed. Very intel­li­gent guy, quick with humour but a very hon­est and open heart.