Students and Teachers — Famous / Infamous / Notables

Scarborough has produced thousands of community members who have gone on into careers where they have all contributed to the broader society. Many have made huge contributions which have not come to the notice of the rest of us, others have. Among those to be noted by public acclaim or otherwise are:

Jamie ANGUS (student) artist — painting, gaining famed recognition.
Norm ASHTON (Social Studies teacher) left to join the History Dept of UWA, honoured by the Greek Government.
Rees BARRETT (Social Studies head) now Head of Accreditation and Moderation at Curriculum Council.
Frank BETTLES (student) lit a fire in his desk during class, closed the lid but was sprung by the smoke issuing from the inkwell hole.
Clinton BROWN (student 1975-1979) Subiaco footballer, over 200 games.
Gary BROWN-NEAVES (student 1959-1960) National awards for Building Industry 1998, 1999, Webb and Brown-Neaves building company.
Kevin CHESSON (student 1960-1964) wrote numerous mathematics texts for Austed Publishing and the Australian Academy of Science, one of the Banks and Chesson team.
Tim CLARKE (Mathematics head) golfing mad, Captain of Wanneroo Golf Club.
Paul CODDINGTON (student, dux 1978) NASA scientist.
Jon COOK (English head) Head of Consultants ret'd, Ed Dept.
Ian CUNNINGHAM (student 1962-1966) Subiaco footballer, cricketer.
Warren DEAN (student 1977-1979) AFL footballer — one of the original six Eagles drafted from the VFL, previously played for Subiaco then Melbourne.
John DIMMER (student 1967-1971) East Perth footballer, current West Perth coach.
Doug DIXON (student 1963-1967) Subiaco and South Fremantle footballer.
Ailsa FITZPATRICK (teacher) educator extrordinaire, remembered by so many (mother of Mike, Rhodes Scholar and Subiaco / Carlton footballer).
Jeremy HART (student) Green Room rock band.
Adam HAY (student) AFL football, North Melbourne — draft 1996
Des HEADLAND (student) AFL football, Number One in draft in 1999
The HEITZ family (5 students) five doctors.
Tom HOGAN (student 1972-1973) Australian cricketer.
David HOLE (student 1964-1964) musician, Dave HOLE blues band.
Jim JARVIS (student) cricketer.
John KOBELKE (Mathematics teacher) Member for Nollamara, WA Parliament.
Frank LEFAUCHER (school captain 1963, 1964) a keen participant in all aspects of student life, noted for his iridescent green and pink socks.
Innez LIVICH (student) Australian junior discus champion.
Mark LIZOTTE (student) Johnny Diesel - International Rock Star.
Mick MALONE (student 1963-1967) Australian cricketer, Subiaco footballer, local real estate company.
Shaun MARTIN (student) Physics exhibition 1982 TAE.
Andrew McGOVERN (student) AFL footballer, Fremantle Dockers.
Marnie McKIMMIE (student 1979-1983) Journalist, award winning.
Pam MOSS (languages teacher) languages Consultant, then Director, Office of the Director General of Education.
Craig OGDEN (student) classical guitarist, currently London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Ray OMODEI (teacher) well known Director of Performing Arts.
Josh PALMATEER (student) World surfing circuit for 7 years, made World Top 40.
Colin PENTER (phys ed teacher) W.A. cricketer, 100 runs in his first state game.
Ted POLGLAZE (student) Australian Winter Olympiad - bobsled.
Gary RUTTER (student 1978-1982) father of triplets (natural) in March 1998, to have 7 children under 9 years old.
Jenny SEFTON (student) artist of note in the South West of WA.
Grant STOELWINDER Student 1983 - 1987 swimming coach for the Australian swim team coaches Libby Trickett and Eamon Sullivan plus many more

(student) AFL football, Adelaide - #29 of Draft 1999

Eric STRAUSS, dec'd (deputy principal) W.A. cricketer and footballer, later principal of Hampton SHS.
Linda STRICKLAND (Mathematics teacher) wrote mathematics text for new upper school course.
Steve T. (student) did time for ringbarking the Queen Elizabeth Tree in King's Park
Colin VIDLER (student) Australian wave skis champion.
Don VIDLER (student) swimmer
Geoff VIDLER (student) Australian surf skis champion.
Ken VIDLER (student) Australian Olympiad - kayaks, Australian ironman champion.
Karen WILLETT (student) artist.
Anthony WILSON (student) Head of UN Communications in New York
Tim WINTON (student) renown author.


-1 #5 Christine Polglaze 2011-09-18 09:14
Polglaze - just to get the spelling correct :-)
#4 Jon Kennon 2010-09-16 14:00
John Dimmer is no longer West Perth coach.
#3 Dianne Power 2010-02-16 19:18
kelly headland team member of former Perth Oriels Netball Team 2000 & Queensland Firebirds Squad Member 2001 - 2003. Daughter of Dianne Headland nee Power.
#2 Dianne Power 2010-02-16 19:16
des headland was No 1 draft pick in 1998 not 1999.Son of Dianne Headland nee Power
+1 #1 Gary Seminy 2009-12-31 06:02
Gary Seminy(student)
Top ten in World 11mtr Yachting Championships in Norway, Vice Commodore of Fremantle Sailing Club