De Vos sisters?

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7 years 9 months ago #473 by Janet Fen­wick
De Vos sis­ters? was cre­ated by Janet Fen­wick
Can any­one help me find where­abouts of Loes or Chris­tine (Tina) de Vos? Loes was in my year. [maybe yr 12 in ’65 or ’66 — my mem­ory hazy by now. Also, I repeated a year some­where, so had friends in two year 12’s.] Tina was a year or two older. Tina went on to do med­i­cine, and passed, as far as I know. I have a feel­ing I heard some­where that she prac­tised as a GP in Dar­win. Loes did phar­macy, and went to Thai­land as a mis­sion­ary. I am hop­ing Loes might have returned to OZ, by now. I’d love to get in touch with either of them.

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