Old friends

10 years 1 month ago #245 by Kelvyn Groat
I am try­ing to find out what­ever hap­pened to a girl Named Robyn Rankin who was definit­ley the school sweet heart , she lived oppo­site the school on the west side , early six­ties .
I am also try­ing to find out where a cou­ple of my school mates are now , one is Gary Lan­goulant who i played bas­ket­ball with and Geoff Tai­lor who played Rugby Union which was pretty weird in those days , he also had a brother Bill and they lived in North Beach . If any­one can help me , it would be great . I also think this site is fan­tas­tic and hats off to Mark for doing it ,
Kelvyn Groat

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