did life turn out the way you wanted it too.

8 years 10 months ago #354 by Carol Hig­gins
I was on this site and looked at all the old pic­tures and won­dered if life turned out the way every­one wanted it too. i always wanted kids so in a way it did for me. i didnt want all the tur­moil that hap­pened as well but that is life. so any­one did life turn out as expected. :woohoo:

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8 years 10 months ago #355 by Mark Croo­nen
I must admit I’ve had the same thought when look­ing at the pic­tures.

For me at 17 I don’t think I could even imag­ine what life would have been like now. Mar­riage and kids were cer­tainly not on radar and now hap­pily mar­ried for almost 13 years and 2 great boys, who would have thunk that :)

I guess I’ve been pretty lucky, I never really had a plan. After leav­ing school I drifted for many years from one thing to another. But things worked out and I’m doing OK. For me the best thing was actu­ally hav­ing kids, makes you realise that life is not all about you.

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7 years 9 months ago #430 by Craig Adams
Sort of a big ques­tion.

For the most — Yes I say life has turned out the way I hoped it would. Most of the things I intended to hap­pen came about — not easy and a lot of hard work.

Career — Car­pen­ter, some­thing I set my heart on in year 8. I now run my own car­pen­try team where I hire other car­pen­ters and inden­ture appren­tices to me. My son is my cur­rent appren­tice and due to grad­u­ate this year 2012.
Mar­ried — found the per­fect wife, very com­pat­i­ble. Mar­riage is still hard work and it never stops putting the effort in. Now it is 25 years mar­ried and we were dat­ing for 5 years prior to that.
Chil­dren — yes two sons who are now grown up and doing appren­tice­ships. Very proud of them.
House & home — we have had many homes over the years but each one we did buy the house (well pay the bank exor­bi­tant costs to call it our home). We did the home like things and grow vege gar­dens, raise chooks, have dogs and cats.
Travel — well yes we have trav­eled far and wide. Over­seas to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Pacific Islands on a boat tour and of course Bali a few times. Through­out Aus­tralia yes we have 4×4 trav­eled lots of out of the way places through­out WA, NT, Queens­land but yet to explore the more pop­u­lace south­ern states.

Oh yeah, after meet­ing my wife I popped into Uni and got 2 degrees in sec­ondary teach­ing. That has sort of worked out well too. I have been teach­ing for 10 years. About 5 years ago I had enough of the edu­ca­tion depart­ment and went back to car­pen­try. It helped that a build­ing boom was on and lots of work around — this is how I have appren­ticed my son. Maybe I will go back to teach­ing when my back hurts a bit more.

So while there is still so much to do I have enjoyed life so far. I have col­lected a few ail­ments — sore back, few skin can­cers cut out, motor­bike acci­dent that causes ankle pain and a lot of grey hair from teach­ing, but over all I would still call myself fit and capa­ble. I prob­a­bly will never water ski again after a bad tum­ble a few years back. When you get older there are some things just to be left in your past.

Hope oth­ers add to this question.

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7 years 9 months ago #432 by Erin Kingston
When I was at high school, lots of grand plans lined up in front of me. I did won­der then what I would get to do, and what I wouldn’t.

I wanted to be a teacher, back then it was high school teach­ing. I was accepted at teach­ers col­lege, but took the oppor­tu­nity to do a 12 month sec­re­tar­ial course through a schol­ar­ship. Then gov­ern­ment work as a clerk fell into my lap. I do relief at the local pri­mary school as an (unqual­i­fied) Edu­ca­tion Assis­tant now, kinda glad I didn’t go there as a teacher. I’d be up for assault for slap­ping sense into some­one.…

I wanted to travel the world, after I’d trav­elled Aus­tralia. I’ve seen a bit of Aus­tralia, Qld, Vic, although no fur­ther than Carnar­von in WA. Still much to see, but I’ve made a start. Over­seas hasn’t really hap­pened (Bali only so far), but it’s on the Bucket List.

I wanted to live in the coun­try. The seachange is going well. I’m glad we moved to Augusta, and raised our boys away from the city. BTW, grow­ing grapes is not that roman­tic, don’t believe the films. Although its sup­ple­mented the fam­ily income quite nicely. In a coun­try town I love the fact that so many peo­ple know my boys. They can’t get away with any­thing, some­one is always look­ing out for them.

And I wanted to have a fam­ily. Well, I have the two boys. They are active indi­vid­u­als, although I sus­pect as they move through the teens, activ­ity will cease and screens will take over, along with grunt­ing. I would have loved to have a girl, but then, I know some teenage girls, and maybe its a good thing.….

I fig­ure I’ve been pretty suc­cess­ful at doing what I imag­ined as a teenager would be a good life.

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