Does any­one remem­ber Mrs Kelynack

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5 years 9 months ago #502 by Linda Tay­lor
Does any­one remem­ber Mrs Kely­nack was cre­ated by Linda Tay­lor
I remem­ber her well. She was incred­i­bly strict but a bril­liant teacher and was the rea­son I achieved my Leav­ing Stenog­ra­phy.. I didn’t really appre­ci­ate her until years later. I actu­ally met up with her when she was in her lat­ter years and went to her home in Duke Street for after­noon tea and she was still teach­ing then. She was an amaz­ing lady.

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5 years 8 months ago #503 by Ross Shar­land
Replied by Ross Shar­land on topic Does any­one remem­ber Mrs Kely­nack

Thank you for writ­ing on Mrs Kely­nack who also taught Accoun­tancy to Leav­ing level at SSHS.

Imme­di­ately fol­low­ing my last Leav­ing exam in 1969 (which hap­pened to be Accoun­tancy) I left for the North West of the state.

One thing that I did notice in towns such as Carnar­von, New­man and Kununurra was that the local pub­lic accoun­tant was an ex SSHS (and for­mer Mrs Kely­nack) stu­dent. Obvi­ously, the peo­ple involved had stud­ied Accoun­tancy beyond high school and had degrees in Com­merce or sim­i­lar.

Given that towns such as New­man and Kununurra were in their infancy at the time, it is inter­est­ing (to me at any rate) to reflect on the devel­op­ment of min­ing and agri­cul­tural indus­tries in the state and the impact that one school teacher from Scar­bor­ough might have had on them (through ini­tially intro­duc­ing the local accoun­tants to their pro­fes­sion).

One for­mer, reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to this site was related to Mrs K. (Grand­son; Great Nephew or sim­i­lar).

Once again, thank you for remind­ing me of Mrs K.

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