Does any­one remem­ber Mr Gor­don Broome?

5 years 3 months ago #492 by David Roth
Actu­ally, John Stubbs was my eco­nom­ics teacher. He mainly ruled by sar­casm, which was often quite witty.
His favourite word was ‘emas­cu­late’ as he was always talk­ing about emas­cu­lated eco­nomic leg­is­la­tion etc.
I always found his lessons inter­est­ing.
I remem­ber him giv­ing Ross Gor­ton a lift and Ross had a pie with him. Stubbs said ‘Gor­ton, this is a car, not
a restau­rant’. When I handed in an extremely long assign­ment, Stubbs said ‘Mr Roth, do you want me to mark it or weigh it?‘
I remem­ber Mr Broome quite well. He was always kind to me, prob­a­bly because I was totally hope­less at
met­al­work and wood­work. He sug­gested that I choose another career, which was good advice.

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