Does any­one remem­ber Mr Gor­don Broome?

10 years 1 week ago #241 by Rick Mur­ray
Around 63 or 64, he was one of my teach­ers. He was a no non­sense guy, and because he had a resem­b­lence to “Mr Sheen”, an ad on TV at the time that’s what we fondly called him.
Many years later I recog­nised him in a local bar and we had a cou­ple of beers. I was chuffed to be able to call him by his first name. He was a won­der­ful bloke with a great sense of humour. I asked him if he new what we called him and he said “of course” with a huge smile.

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10 years 1 week ago #246 by Gra­ham Woods
Hi Rick

Yeah I remem­ber Mr (Gor­don) Broome. Only vaguely though. Must have been easy going cause I remem­ber
the tough guys — John Stubbs and the try to be tough guys — Mr Rapp and the cra­zies — Mrs Kely­nack



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10 years 1 week ago #251 by Rick Mur­ray
Hi Gra­ham,

Yes, he cer­tainly was’nt one of the tough guys.
Stubbs.….was he the met­al­work teacher?
Along side Mr Hewi­son (wood­work) they were pretty heavy guys if i’m cor­rect.
A cou­ple of PE teach­ers were in the mix too.

We had a big lad by the name of Mick Calotti, he did’nt take any rub­bish from any of them.


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10 years 6 days ago #252 by Gra­ham Woods
Hi again Rick.

No, Mr (John) Stubbs was main school. I thought he was a maths Senior. I do know he had a real aura about him. I remem­ber a cou­ple of times he would get one trou­ble maker type dude, to dis­ci­pline another trou­ble maker type dude (the one cur­rently caus­ing a prob­lem), with a whack across the bum using a black­board ruler. Nat­u­rally he would pick some­one that he knew didn’t like the one in trou­ble. Cer­tainly would’t get away with that these days.

I par­tic­u­larly remem­ber, he used to give Mick Mal­one a hard time. Mr Stubbs was the Cap­tain Coach of one of the A Grade dis­trict cricket teams (North Perth I think). I heard later he was try­ing to recruit Mick to his club. God know why he thought giv­ing Mick a hard time would help.

Gee I remem­ber Mr Hewi­son well. Short stature but tough as old boots. One of his favourite say­ings was “I might smaller than you but a piece of 4×2 will bring you back to size”.

I also remem­ber Mick Calotti. A good friend of mine (Ray Scott) was one of his closer school­friends. From all accounts Mick was slightly crazy. Ray used tell me sto­ries about how Mick (who was a very good ath­lete), at our big once a year ath­let­ics car­ni­val, in the 400800 metre races, would street the field, slow down near the fin­ish, allow 2 run­ners to pass him, then come in 3rd. Allegedly so he wouldn’t have to rep­re­sent the SSHS at the inter school car­ni­vals (only the first 2 placeget­ters qual­i­fied).
Don’t know if its true, but its a good story. I do know Mick was always in trou­ble.


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10 years 5 days ago #253 by Rick Mur­ray
Hi Gra­ham,

Thats great stuff. I don’t think any­one could for­get “Baby Hewi”, he sorted out a cou­ple of the lit­tle kids one day in class (Mick Wood) and I can’t think of the other. It was very tense and I thought Hewi was going to get mobbed and dealt with at the time.

Yes, Mick was an ath­lete alright, he jumped into the back of Jim Far­rell (PE) one day at footy and floored him. He also came between me and a PE teacher called Gam­ble at Abbot Park one day. Gam­ble was giv­ing me a hard time, and Mick grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pro­ceeded to intim­i­date him.

Do you remem­ber the can­ings that went on? the music teacher loved to use the cane. he used it one day when an Amer­i­can kid would’nt sing God save the Queen.

They would never get away with it today. Some of the kids I knew at school were Geoff Herd, Richard Thomas, Danny Fry, Leo Hughes, Udo Mentlein, Rus­sel Hamer, Ross Gorton.…what about you?

The only fight I ever had at school was with Mick Mal­one, he con­stantly picked on me until one day I cracked. He never did it again.

We had some high acheivers and some very low acheivers eh?

Cheers Rick

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6 years 2 months ago #475 by Kerry Larkan
Yes sadly I do for all the wrong rea­sons. Had a dog strode into a His­tory class one day and I pro­ceeded to whis­tle it to which Broomie took offence and I got the cuts for the one and only time in HS.
He was a good bloke though.……

There was a metal work teacher though that used a 1″ steel rule to dish out pun­ish­ment. Lent you for­ward 40 degrees then pro­ceeded to cuff your butt cheeks, which was very dan­ger­ous when you think about it. True story.
Strick­land was his name, imag­ine doing that now, I don’t think so?

Cheers, Kerry

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