The Gold Coin Scam

9 years 6 months ago #302 by Dave Fal­lon
In 1984 the $1 note was replaced with the coin we have today. As it is a sim­i­lar size to the 10c piece, some enter­pris­ing lads realised that two 10c pieces super glued together and painted with gold spray paint closely resem­bled the new coins and would be over­looked by the busy can­teen staff. So, never ones to miss a good oppor­tu­nity, the lads in ques­tion made a few of these ‘$1 coins’ and used them to buy things at the can­teen. The plan worked for a while until some­one realised they’d been given a fake coin as part of their change and came back ask­ing for a proper coin. I recall there being an inves­ti­ga­tion but I don’t remem­ber any­one get­ting done for it.

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